We provide personal, one-to-one support for all leaders in formation

MDiv students at Meadville Lombard are given a unique experience to learn about ministry and spiritual leadership through the lens of real interactions with actual congregations and nonprofit organizations, and are supported along the way by internship supervisors.

Students in our MDiv degree program are matched with a congregation for a two-year internship. The minister at the internship congregation serves as an internship supervisor, mentor, coach, and model for how to be effective in ministry. During the internship, students become involved in the congregation and “learn by doing,” exploring how to enter into the life of a congregation, how to understand its people and values and, ultimately, how to minister to its spiritual and advocacy needs. 

Internship Supervisor Benefits

Current internship supervisors are entitled to audit one Meadville Lombard class tuition-free each year (registration fees apply). For more information, please contact the Senior Director of Contextual Ministry.

FAQ for Prospective Internship Supervisors

What is the time commitment?

Internship supervisors for an MDiv student’s two-year internship at a congregation are asked to meet with the student for at least an hour every week.  

When do congregational internships start and end?

Congregational internships start right after Meadville Lombard’s Fall Convocation at the end of August and run through the end of the church year.  

How many hours per week are students required to work at a congregational internship?

Students are expected to complete at least 1,000 hours at their congregational internship over the course of two years.

What do internship supervisors talk about during meetings with students?

Internship supervisors use this time to help students integrate what they are experiencing in their community or congregational internship and what they are learning in the class with their vocational interests. The weekly topics in the syllabus can be used as a guide for conversation, and there is a list of possible discussion topics in the back of the Internship Supervisor Handbook, which is given to all new supervisors.  

Should students be compensated for internships?

We strongly encourage that students be paid for their internship. If that is not possible, internship supervisors must be in contact with the Senior Director of Contextual Ministry to explore other options.  

How many times should congregational interns preach per year?

We do not have a standard expectation for how often times a student should preach. Students need and want as much experience as they can get. If opportunities to preach in a particular congregation are few, we encourage the internship supervisor to try to find opportunities for the student to preach elsewhere in the area.  

How do internship supervisors take a class?

All internship supervisors are eligible to audit one Meadville Lombard class tuition-free each year by registering as a student-at-large with the Registrar who will provide instructions to access the course registration. Administrative fees still apply.