What are the admissions application deadlines?

Application for admission closes on August 1 preceding the academic year, which starts in late August each year. Meadville Lombard evaluates candidates on a rolling basis. Because of this admissions process, it is always to your advantage to apply well before the deadline. All applications are reviewed in the order in which they were received. 

What admissions application materials are required?

Please visit the Application Checklist page for a handy list.

When and how will I be notified of an admissions decision?  

Completed applications are reviewed in the chronological order in which they are received.

Can I apply to begin the MDiv or MALS degree program during the Spring term?

No. Meadville Lombard accepts admissions applications for the Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Leadership Studies degree programs for fall enrollment only, although a student may begin taking courses immediately after being granted admission. Prospective students interested in taking courses at other times are welcome to apply as students at large.

What is Meadville Lombard’s deferment policy?

Individuals accepted into a degree program may be granted a deferment of up to one year from the intended academic year of enrollment.

Is there a time limit to complete the admissions application process?  

All individuals must complete the admissions process within one calendar year. No admissions application materials will be held after one calendar year from the application date.

Can I transfer credits from another school?  

Admitted MDiv students are allowed to transfer up to 27 credits from prior graduate work. Admitted MALS students may transfer up to 9 credits from another graduate degree program.

 All transfer credits must be pre-approved by the student’s academic advisor. Transferred credits will not appear on the Meadville Lombard transcript with a letter grade; only the credit is transferred and are marked with a P (pass) on student transcripts in lieu of a letter grade.  

Can I begin taking courses before the beginning of the academic year into which I have been accepted?  

Yes. Although our academic year begins in the fall, individuals are encouraged to take advantage of Meadville Lombard’s summer course offerings. Credits earned will automatically count toward the student’s degree program. Financial aid may be available for summer courses. Contact the Student Affairs & Admissions Office for more information about how to apply for institutional and federal financial aid for summer courses.

Does Meadville Lombard require an admissions interview as part of the admissions process?  

Meadville Lombard encourages an admissions interview with the Student Affairs & Admissions Office. You can schedule an in-person interview or a videoconference interview. We also recommend that you visit our campus before making a decision and we encourage you to take a class for credit at the audit price, in order to see if Meadville Lombard is a good fit for you. 

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?  

For more information about the admissions process, please contact us at YouBelong@meadville.edu.