LIGHT in Service to the World

The Leadership Institute for Growth, Healing, and Transformation (LIGHT) at Meadville Lombard Theological School equips values-driven individuals as well as ordained and lay progressive religious leaders with the skills for personal and social transformation.   

Rooted in our heritage as Unitarian Universalists, the Institute:

  • Centers personal and communal growth and healing, supports the dismantling of oppressive systems, and the transformation of society, and enriches theological imagination through non-degree bearing lifelong learning, including certificates, short courses, trainings, and workshops on a broad range of topics. 
  • Equips lay and ordained religious leaders with the practical know-how and know-what for life-giving ministry. 
  • Designs transformative educational experiences for vocational and spiritual growth using a lens of justice, inclusion, and belonging. 
  • Builds a strong community of lifelong learners who share the same commitments. 

Our values shape the world we want to see. Make yours come alive with LIGHT.