Students taking courses who have not matriculated into a Meadville Lombard degree program are considered “students at large.” These students still need to register. If you are a student at large, the tuition you pay will depend on whether you are auditing a course or taking it for credit. Students at large can expect the following tuition and fees: 


2020/2021 rate $869.00/credit hour ($434.50/credit hour if auditing)


Application fee $50.00
Registration fee $75.00/course
Technology fee $50.00/semester

Humanist Studies Program

The above tuition and fees apply also to students who are participating in the Certificate in Humanist Studies program of the American Humanist Association. To register for this program, you must first enroll in the Certificate in Humanist Studies program, then register for the Humanism Certificate program at Meadville Lombard.