Greetings from the Wiggin Library!

ML alums have full-text access to both Atla Religion Database and the JSTOR Religion and Theology Database! The Atlas Religion Database for Alums is an extensive index of journal articles, book reviews, and essays from thousands of full-text religion and theology journals hosted through EBSCO. It is one of the largest collections of full-text access scholarship on the study of religion available to researchers. The JSTOR Religion and Theology Collection provides access to academic journals covering the history and philosophy of religion. While there is some overlap with the Atla Religion Database, JSTOR-Religion and Theology contains journals not in the Atla Religion Database. You can find both of these databases on the new Digital Articles and Journals Page.

To access these new resources, alum patrons will now have to log in via Populi to all library resources. For recent alums, this will be quite familiar. For alums who graduated before we introduced Populi as our student information system, all this means is that we will create a Populi account for you, and you will use it to log in to both the library catalog and these new databases. For both alums with current Populi accounts and those without, we ask that you go to this page and fill out the form for requesting alum accounts: Alum Library Account Request. Once this is done, give us a day or so and we will email you confirming your alum account is now working.

Once your Populi account is active and connected to the library, it is what you will use to log in to the library catalog and will give you access to Atlas and JSTOR. As part of the account creation process, you will have the chance to request a 30-minute Zoom library orientation for the new resources. We highly recommended that you take us up on this offer, especially if you never used Atlas before (or it has been a few years since you have). In case you complete the above form and change your mind, you can also schedule a generic library orientation to learn more: Schedule Library Orientation with Calendly.

If you have any questions, please email us at

All the best,
John and Sarah