Want to use your creativity and imagination to help shape the future of faith formation? Join the Fahs Innovation Network! Sharing your name and profile puts your name on the list of religious educators willing to work on innovative solutions to challenges in faith formation or congregational life.  

The Fahs Collaborative makes space and time to examine challenges in spiritual teaching and learning; from there, we generate alternative solutions. This kind of work requires a cohort of thoughtful teachers and coaches to design appropriate educational responses.  

When we have a project that would benefit from the collaborative wisdom and creativity of our colleagues, we reach out to religious professionals who have an appropriate skill-set to tackle the problem. All project teams are shaped with an eye toward multiracial, multicultural, and theologically diverse sensibilities. 

If the descriptions below sound like you, we invite you to register your skill-set with the Fahs Collaborative. We offer compensation whenever possible.  

I’m Creative

  • I believe in the power of creativity and imagination to solve most problems we face.
  • I’m able to see multiple sides of an issue and generate alternative responses. 

I’m Curious

  • I’m driven to notice and understand things that are complicated or challenging.
  • I’m a lifelong learner fascinated by the human condition.

I’m Collaborative

  • I play/work well with others.
  • I’m comfortable receiving and providing critique with empathy and kindness.
  • I’m able to apply both a systems lens as well as one that focuses on individual growth.  

I’m Innovative

  • I’m interested in teaching, learning, and living in new ways.
  • I am drawn to integrative, adaptive solutions that not only deepen self-knowledge and understanding but also change structural behavior.  

I’m Communicative

  • I’m able to express ideas in at least a few ways (e.g., writing, oral, kinesthetic, arts-based).
  • I like to translate ideas into educational encounters/experiences that promote learning.

I'm Transgressive

  • I’m interested, and willing to learn more about, how developmental and social change happens.
  • I’m committed to dismantling socially-constructed walls and systems that divide the human family.