Mark A. Hicks, Ed.D.

Director of the Fahs Collaborative

Phone: (312) 546-6479  

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Rev. Kierstin Homblette Allen

Beloved Conversations Program Director 

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Faysha Crosbie

Academic Services Assistant
Phone: (312) 455-9221  

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JeKaren Olaoya

JeKaren Olaoya is the Beloved Conversations Communications Coordinator. She is a life-long UU and Georgia native who started her service in the UU community as a nursery caregiver, then moved on to other positions as Director of Religious Education and Congregational Administrator. She currently serves on the UUA Board. She holds a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from Arizona State University and is an MDiv student at Starr King School for the Ministry. JeKaren lives in Winter Park, FL with her schnauzer mix, Maysee Moon. Contact JeKaren at for more information about the Beloved Conversations Virtual program.

Sarah Osborne

Sarah Osborne is the ministerial intern for Beloved Conversations and an MDiv alum of Meadville Lombard Theological School. Sarah comes to us with over 10 years of lifespan faith formation experience as a Director of Religious Education for Neshoba UU Church in Cordova, TN. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education and was a public-school teacher in a former life. She has a passion for creating meaningful rites of passage, facilitating small group ministry, and collaboratively leading retreats and workshops. Sarah is deeply committed to the vision of an anti-racist, multicultural, multigenerational, transformational Unitarian Universalist faith.