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Choosing Meadville Lombard: Your Theological School
Choosing a theological school is an important step toward your future in ministry and religious leadership. The MLTS Admissions Office is your resource during discernment to help you learn more about Meadville Lombard, our graduate degree programs, and unique Contextual Learning model and education in the Unitarian Universalist tradition. Start by reading more about our top degree programs, and plan a visit to Chicago to take a class, meet our faculty, and experience Meadville Lombard firsthand.
Meadville Lombard: Learn More
Our Admissions Office is ready to help you explore Meadville Lombard, a recognized leader among accredited theological schools nationwide. Please email us at
Here are more ways to learn about MLTS online, in Chicago, and around the country: 
How to Apply to Meadville Lombard

When you decide that Meadville Lombard is your choice for theological school, please review our step-by-step admissions process on how to apply (completing your application, providing recommendations and transcripts, etc.) and when to apply (application deadlines, starting degree programs or classes, etc.).

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