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A Meadville Lombard education is a distinctive education because your formation as a religious leader is at the core of what we do. We will challenge you to new ways of thinking about social, religious, spiritual, and political issues while providing you with a supportive learning environment. We offer our degree program in a socially-engaged, multicultural, intensive, low-residency format where you will serve internships in community and congregational settings throughout your education.

Check out our degree programs and discover which of them will help you with your vocational goals and call TODAY to talk about your future at Meadville Lombard! (312) 212-0671.

While most of our students are Unitarian Universalists, we encourage students from all faiths to study with us. Because of the theological diversity within and among Unitarian Universalists, a Unitarian Universalist education greatly serves students who are seeking to become leaders in the interreligious, multi-cultural, and post-denominational reality of the 21st century.

Meadville Lombard Learning Paths to Your Future

A Meadville Lombard education prepares our students for ministry and leadership in a variety of vocations through a blend of rigorous academic work, practical experience and directed theological reflection. 

There are many paths our students may take after graduation. See below to see which of our programs may help get you to yours.

Parish Ministry
Our three-year Master of Divinity program prepares students for religious leadership in congregations through a unique program that integrates academic learning with fieldwork in community and congregational settings. While we are a Unitarian Universalist seminary, we encourage those from other faith-traditions.
If you are seeking to provide pastoral care and spiritual leadership outside of a church, such as in a hospital, correctional facility or school setting, our Master of Divinity program provides opportunities for an interdisciplinary approach, in-depth study in specific areas of concentration.
Community Leadership
If you are interested in leadership work in a social agency that provides direct service or want to enact social change through interfaith mobilization, advocacy and/or spiritual leadership, our Master of Divinity program may be for you.  Or, if you prefer, our two-year Master of Arts in Religion program provides an interdisciplinary approach to theological reflection, religious experience and ethical action.
Religious Education
Our Master of Arts in Religion will provide certification as a religious educator within a Unitarian Universalist church setting.  Here at Meadville Lombard, we have the largest number of religious education professionals in Unitarian Universalism in North America providing the expertise to prepare you as a religious educator.
Higher Education
If you are in the midst of an educational and spiritual journey that will take you through a doctoral degree, our Master of Arts in Religion provides a solid foundation.
Our Master of Arts in Leadership Studies also provides advanced work for lay people, ministers, and ministerial students in the theory and practice of leadership within congregations and/or community-based ministries.
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