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How to Apply to Meadville Lombard

Here are the general steps in the admissions process to apply to Meadville Lombard for the following master’s degree programs. Please also review application details for the individual MLTS degree programs.

  1. Download, complete, and sign our Admissions Application. Meadville Lombard does not require an admissions interview.
  2. Provide required admissions materials, which include a resume or curriculum vitae; letters of reference (sent directly to MLTS by the recommenders); and official transcripts from accredited university-level work (both undergraduate and graduate) sent directly to the Admissions Office from those institutions. The application fee is $45. 
  3. Mail the completed, signed application form, along with your application fee and required materials to: Meadville Lombard Theological School, Attention: Admissions Office, 610 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605.
  4. As part of the admission process, review our Scholarships & Financial Aid information to determine your eligibility for financial support. 
  5. All admission applications are reviewed in the order they are received. Responses are typically sent two to four weeks after submission of your application. 
Questions? For help with the Meadville Lombard admissions process, please email
When to Apply

Important Application Deadlines 

  • January 15 is the early deadline on our academic calendar for submission of complete admissions applications to Meadville Lombard. 
  • Applicants who wish to start in the next academic year should submit a complete application no later than June 1.
  • Meadville Lombard’s Institutional Tuition Reduction Application to be considered for merit- and need-based scholarships is also due by June 1, 2015. 
  • Applications submitted after June 1, 2015, will be considered for the academic year starting in 2016. 

Starting Degree Programs or Classes 

  • Meadville Lombard accepts Master of Divinity (MDiv) admissions applications for fall enrollment only, although a student may begin taking courses immediately after being granted admission into this graduate degree program. 
  • Meadville Lombard accepts admissions applications to the Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) degree program for both fall and spring enrollment. 
  • Students may begin taking courses before the beginning of the academic year into which they have been accepted in order to take advantage of Meadville Lombard's summer course offerings. Credits earned from Meadville Lombard automatically count towards an individual's graduate degree program. Financial aid may be available for summer courses. Contact the Senior Director of Student Services for more information.