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Wiggin Library

Comprising over 40,000 books and periodicals, the Wiggin Library is one of the foremost resources for the study of liberal religion. We amplify this historical legacy through technology that allows us to work collaboratively with the greater world and to share our unique collection and expertise. Wiggin Library provides resources not only to students and faculty, but also to religious professionals, and members of the broader UU community. Our complete library catalog is accessible to search online and most of our books can be shipped directly to users. No matter where UUs are, the Wiggin Library is just a few clicks away.

Archives and Special Collections

At Meadville Lombard Theological School, we understand archiving to be a form of justice making work and we take special steps to ensure that the richness and diversity of Unitarian Universalism is represented within the archive. For over 170 years, the community at Meadville Lombard has been collecting history. We have material from students and scholars, from the laity and ministers, and from churches and organizations across the world. As the only exclusively Unitarian Universalist archive, we take seriously the trust the community has placed in us to preserve our shared history.