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For religious leadership in our contemporary multifaith, multiracial, and multicultural world

Distinctive Master's Degree Programs

Meadville Lombard offers exceptional Master’s Degree programs to prepare students for ministry and religious leadership in the Unitarian Universalist tradition of justice, equity, and compassion. As a recognized leader among accredited theological schools, Meadville Lombard created the Contextual Learning model to combine rigorous academic work in short and intensive classwork for low residency, and integrated internships for on-site experience. Meadville Lombard’s Master's Degree programs enable you to pursue your education wherever you wish to live across the country and beyond.

  • Master of Divinity (MDiv): A three-year professional Unitarian Universalist degree program for students pursuing ordained ministry.
  • MA in Leadership Studies (MALS): 18-month degree programs focusing on the theory and practice of leadership in community-based ministries. MLTS offers two concentration areas: in Lay Ministry and in Social Engagement. Either concentration can be completed as a standalone degree or as a dual degree with the Master of Divinity.
  • MA in Religion (MAR): A two-year degree program offering laypersons an in-depth, interdisciplinary study of religion to prepare for further academic study or to strengthen their work in lay leadership.

Visit Learning at Meadville section to learn more about our innovative, intensive, and integrated educational model.

Other Unique Offerings at MLTS

  • Fahs Collaborative: A laboratory for faith formation that brings people together to incubate faith-filled, boarder-spanning solutions in community life. Faith formation is an important part of ministerial development. The presence of the Fahs Collaborative within Meadville Lombard adds much depth to our students' education and many unique opportunities to engage and experience the impact the Fahs programs are making in communities around the country.
  • Archives & Special Collections: Meadville Lombard is the home to the world's only exclusively Unitarian Universalist archives. Our students get access to our extensive collections of UU history.
  • Global Initiatives: As our contemporary world becomes more connected with technology, MLTS is committed to broaden our students' global perspective, in order to prepare them for religious leadership across diverse challenges, whether they live in the United States or abroad.