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The word Sankofa means looking to the past in order to move forward into the future, and that summarizes the purpose of this collection. In bringing together the history of the people of color and Hispanic descent who have made Unitarian Universalism their home, it is preparing liberal religion for a multicultural future.

The UU Sankofa Special Collection is a repository of documents, biographic profiles, worship resources, and photographic images. It celebrates the lives of ministers and laity of Native American, Asian and South Asian, Pacific Islanders, Middle Eastern and Hispanic descent, members of the African Diaspora and those who identify as multicultural.

The collection and this website are meant to evolve.  Our goal is for it to be not only a resource but also depository for information regarding the Unitarian Universalist relationship to race and culture. As this history is unearthed and resources are developed they will find a home here.

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