Chloë Westerfield

Marketing & Communications Officer

“No other school comes close to the Meadville Lombard experience. If you care about social justice, the environment, and helping to heal a hurting world—this is the place for you!”

Chloë Westerfield has spent over 12 years working in advertising agencies as a creative director and writer, crafting and leading communication for a number of global and multi-national brands, including several household names. She’s experienced in working with building brands across a variety of media including TV, online video, social media, and radio. Chloë is a native Austinite and earned a master’s degree in advertising from the University of Texas at Austin.

Throughout her career, Chloë has been a strong advocate for DE&I work: creating awareness campaigns about microaggressions and discrimination in the workplace, making exhibits to uplift queer voices, and designing presentations about people with disabilities. She served as an educator and board member for LGBTQ+ employee resource groups throughout her tenure at various agencies.

In addition to her professional work, Chloë enjoys volunteering with several organizations around Chicago including Printer’s Row Literary Festival, Chicago House, and Lake Street Church of Evanston.