Wiggin Library eBooks are listed as “CARLI eBooks.” There are over 29,000 titles in the CARLI eBook Collection and no limit on the number of users who can use a book simultaneously.  

Finding eBooks

You can find eBooks using the I-Share catalog just like print books. With the search set to “Meadville Lombard Catalog Only,” do your search as usual (you cannot borrow eBooks exclusively owned by other libraries), and from the results page, narrow your search by format from the menu on the right. Alternately, you can do an advanced search and select “Electronic” as the version. You have access to any eBooks listed as “CARLI eBooks.”

You can also search for CARLI eBooks directly from Ebook Central

Create an Ebook Central Account

When on the Ebook Central homepage, (where you will be directed if you select an eBook from the catalog) select “Meadville Lombard Theological School” as the institution name. Request an account by clicking “Join Ebook Central.” Once a librarian has approved your request, return to Ebook Central and register a new account. You will then be able to access all CARLI eBooks.

Using eBooks

You can access and read eBooks in a number of different ways:

  • Read online from the EBook Central interface, download or print chapters, or download the entire book for a 7-day “loan” period.
  • Create a Bookshelf of books to read later or save citations.
  • Use the EBook Central interface to search inside a book, explore books’ tables of contents, highlight passages, or make notes in the text.
  • To download an eBook you must install either Adobe Digital Editions for laptop or desktop use, or Bluefire Reader for mobile device or tablet use. You will have the option to download as an EPUB or PDF file.