Welcome to Meadville Lombard Theological School’s website. As you scroll through these pages you will discover a seminary that is uniquely equipped to prepare spiritual and religious leaders, lay and ordained, who are able to lead across the changes that are shaping our quickly evolving world. 

And what makes us distinctive?  The facts speak for themselves.

  • We completely integrate the practical and academic lessons necessary for effective spiritual leadership.
  • We partner with congregations, community agencies, clergy, church and faith-based leaders all around the world to assure that our students learn in settings similar to the communities they will ultimately serve.
  • We blend technology with a low-residency requirement to fortify the bonds of a supportive, diverse, cohort-based learning community.
  • We teach the artistry of cross-cultural, multiracial, global and multi-faith engagement so that our students are able to build and serve communities that embody our human differences.
  • We provide the tools for each student to deepen spiritually and philosophically so they may maintain the resiliency of bold leadership.

Meadville Lombard’s faculty has developed an imaginative curriculum, because we believe that these are both serious and hopeful times. The times require innovation. Our school’s curriculum fulfills our commitment to help each student become a leader who inspires others to service; who carries the truth that cultural, religious, national and racial differences are enhancements to human liberation; who provides a vision for innovative community life and the know-how to creatively lead others in the ways of justice.


Lee Barker  

President, Professor of Ministry