Last weekend, Dr. Pamela Lightsey, our Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, helped organize and participated in a protest and teach-in event, El Grito de la Frontera/The Cry From the Border, in El Paso, Texas. As one of the signatories of both the Boston Declaration and the All Rights for All/Todos Derechos Para Todos campaign, Dr. Lightsey called public theologians, religion scholars, clergy members, and seminarians to meet at the US/Mexico border for a three-day immersive learning experience with local faith-rooted organizers.

“The US government’s deadline for reuniting immigrant families has come and gone. More than 900 immigrant children are still separated from their parents, and migrants are still being imprisoned in horrendous conditions across the country. The crisis continues! But mass media attention is fickle and immigrant families are slipping from the headlines. There’s a very real risk that the public and the press will lose interest in the humanitarian crisis on the borders, especially as we approach the midterm elections. You can help prevent that.”

"Things are just getting started. To my joy, they just announced that they have people here to help people get registered to vote."

"Dr. Miguel De La Torre speaking about resources stolen"

"This morning we are headed to the border where we will start with an interfaith service."

"Sometimes you have to call a thing a thing."

Groundswell: "Rev. Dr. Pamela Lightsey brings a prayer for Black, enslaved, and kidnapped peoples. 'I pray for humanity.'" (Watch a video of her prayer here.)

"This ecumenical work blesses my soul."

"I am fine. Had an 'encounter' w/ aggressive border police trying to get them to allow a young mother & her child into the center for people seeking asylum. Her story—which I won't recount here—was simply heartbreaking. We prevailed... at least for now."

Groundswell: "Several members of our group including Dr. De La Torre, Dr. Pamela Lightsey, Rev. Jacqui Lewis have been delayed inside the port of entry between Juarez and El Paso. Updates as soon as we have information."

"Thank you to Meadville Lombard for supporting this good work."

Rev. Dr. Pamela Lightsey


The Rev. Dr. Pamela Lightsey joined MLTS in January 2018. Throughout her vocational life, she has been a leading social justice activist, working with local, national, and international organizations focusing primarily on the causes of peacemaking, racial justice, and LGBTQ rights.

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