Molly Brewer, a Congregational Studies (second year) student, penned this beautiful prayer for #MeToo

A Prayer for "Me, Too"

By Molly Brewer

Spirit of Life and of Love,
Holy One that reaches wide to encompass all beings,
Hold us to Yourself in this moment.
We come to this place carrying so much in our hearts.
Around us we hear the laments of a broken world,
Torn by fire, storm and strife,
Crying, “I too have suffered.
I too have been hurt and oppressed by power, by pain, by loss and by neglect.”
We open our ears and lift up the words of all who join in this sorrowful song:
“Me, too.”
Spirit, comfort us.
Descend around us as a cloud of peace and compassion,
Abide with us in our mourning.
Help us to gather ourselves,
To face each day with bravery, or equanimity, or even just to face it at all.
Help make each movement lighter, less leaden.
Give us the grace to once again give thanks,
And the strength to be kind to ourselves over and over.
One day, may our cries of shared sorrow give way to songs of joy.
May we sing, “I too am healing my broken heart.
I too see the faces of justice and mercy.
I too am filled with light, love, and compassion.
Me, too.”

[This prayer was published in Braver/Wiser, a part of the UUA Worship & Inspiration Resource.]