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Students who are allowed to withdraw all or part of their registrations will be granted a refund of a portion of the original tuition according to the schedule below. Approval of any withdrawal, including the date on which the withdrawal takes effect, must be certified by the Director of Student Records/Registrar.

Fall and Spring Semester Courses

  • Deadlines for tuition refunds:
    • Last day for full refund of tuition = Friday of the week before the classes start
    • Last day for 50% refund of tuition = Friday of the first week of classes
    • No refunds after the first week of classes.
  • An approved reduction will be reflected on the invoice/statement issued by the Business Office after formal notification of student's withdrawal from the Director of Student Records.
  • A registered student is liable for all assessed charges until registration is formally withdrawn.
  • A student who is permitted to change courses by dropping and adding one or more courses will be given full tuition credit for the courses dropped to be applied toward the tuition charges for the courses added, if the drop and add occur simultaneously.
  • A student whose registration is withdrawn for disciplinary reasons is not entitled to a refund of tuition.
  • Fees are not refundable.