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Courses below are current course offerings for Academic Years: 2014/15, 2015/16, and 2016/17 can be found here.

For a full list of all Meadville Lombard courses with descriptions, please click here.

Spring 2014
Priority Registration for Prospective 2014 graduates is November 4, 2013.  Registration for returning studens is November 5-15, 2013. Registration for new students is November 11, 2013. The last day to add/drop is February 14, 2014.
ID Course Title Instructor Date/Time Credits
BS426INT Introduction to Hebrew Bible CLASS FULL Stokes March 17-21 1.00
H333INT History of the Western Christian Traditions: Calvin to 9/11 Kirk March 17-21 1.00
M312INT Feet for Dreams: Fundraising in the New Age Barker March 22-23 0.50
MLM483INT Introduction to Pastoral Counseling CLASS FULL Cummings March 24-28 1.00
M374INT Bringing Texts to Life DiFranza March 24-28 1.00
E337INT Ethics and Moral Development Hogue March 24-28 1.00
M428 Leadership Studies Seminar II Welch, Barker, Schulz, Takahashi-Morris TBD 2.00
M345 Community Studies Seminar II Welch, Hogue TBD 1.50
M347 Congregational Studies Seminar II Hicks, Takahashi-Morris, Kirk, Tolley TBD 2.00
Summer 2014
Registration for Summer term (all students) is March 24-April 11, 2014
ID Course Title Instructor Date/Time Credits
MLM494INT Method is the Message (Ferry Beach) Hicks July 6-11 1.00
MLT/E432 Global Religions and Their Progressive Expressions Hogue July 7-11 1.00
MLE453INT Problems in Public Ethics Welch/Schulz July 7-11 1.00
M377 Creative Encounters: Ministry as Improvisation Jackson July 14-18 1.00
M360/560 INT Arts and Aesthetics Tolley/Peebles July 21-25 1.00
M426INT Viewing Religion: Religion,Movies, and Media Kirk July 21-25 1.00
M387INT Crossing Boundaries: Multi-faith Leadership in the New America (Chautauqua) Barker/Doebke July 26-August 2 1.00
Fall 2014/15
Priority registration for prospective 2015 graduates is July 14-16, 2014.  Registration for returning students is July 16-September 19, 2014.  New student registration is July 28-September 19, 2014.  Late fee applies to all registrations received after September 19, 2014. Last day to add/drop Fall 2014 courses is September 19, 2014. When the course number ends in (a), the total credits for the class will be split between Fall and Spring Terms. When you enroll in a split-credit course, you will automatically be enrolled in the Spring section of the class (b).
ID Course Title Instructor Date/Time Credits
M345 Community Studies Seminar I Welch, Hogue August 25 - January 9 1.50
M347 Congregational Studies Seminar I Hicks, Takahashi Morris, Kirk, Tolley August 25 - January 9 2.00
M428 Leadership Studies Seminar I Welch, Barker, Schulz, Takahashi-Morris August 25 - January 9 2.00
M467INT Multicultural Congregations and Faith Formation(Tulsa, Oklahoma Hicks November 8-14, 2014 1.00
M316INT/a Ministry in a Post-Denominational Age Barker January 10-11 0.25
M456INT/a Personal and Systematic Tools for Border Crossing Hicks, Takahashi Morris January 10-11 0.25
M411INT Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Ministry Jackson January 12-16 1.00
MLTS442INT Liberal Theology Hogue January 12-16 1.00
M360/560 INT Arts & Aesthetics Tolley January 12-16 1.00
MLBS425INT New Testament and Christian Origins Jorgensen January 12-16 1.00
MLM327INT Preaching As If You Mean It Schulz January 20-24 1.00
M374INT Bringing Texts to Life DiFranza January 20-24 1.00
M446INT African Americans and the Unitarians, Universalists and UU's Morrison-Reed January 20-24 1.00
M450INT Multicultural Pastoral Counseling Cummings January 26-30 1.00
H408INT/a UU History and Polity Kirk January 26-30 0.50
Spring 2015
ID Course Title Instructor Date/Time Credits
M483INT Introduction to Pastoral Ministry Cummings March 16-20 1.00
H333INT History of the Western Christian Traditions: Jesus to Erasmus Kirk March 16-20 1.00
MLM336INT Tools Overcoming Your First Congregational Hurdles Barker March 21-22 1.00
M494INT Method is the Message Hicks March 23-27 1.00
BS426INT Introduction to Hebrew Bible Stokes March 23-27 1.00
E337INT Cosmos and Ethos: Moral Development, the Universe and the Brain Hogue March 23-27 1.00