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Student Covenant

We call forth each other’s full and authentic presence, in the spirit of love and openness to the many different gifts we bring. We covenant to be each other's support and share each other's joy. We trust that doing differently will lead to thinking differently. May we move forward with courage and gratitude for our opportunities to learn and grow.
  • We will respect diversity in all its manifestations as a sign of strength; honor all contributions to the community.
  • We will listen deeply to all points of view.
  • We will offer everyone an opportunity, and an invitation, to be heard.
  • We will allow and honor silence.
  • We will communicate compassionately, directly and honestly.
  • We will use “I” language, and speak from our own stories and experiences.
  • We will respect confidentiality.
  • We will support the structures in our community that actively turn conflict towards healing and growth.
  • We will resolve our conflicts proactively. When we need to step back, we will return as soon as it is healthy.
  • We will make every effort to settle differences openly; giving and receiving criticism kindly.
  • We will confront our assumptions.
  • We will accept and forgive imperfections in ourselves and in others.
  • We will be open to connection with the full breadth of the Meadville Lombard community.