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Students in the Master of Divinity degree program at Meadville Lombard are given a unique experience to learn about ministry through the lens of real interaction with an actual congregation. The congregation’s minister is considered a “Teaching Pastor” whose purpose is to be a supervisor, mentor, coach, and model for how to be effective in Unitarian Universalist ministry.

During the two year, part-time internship, students become involved in the life of the congregation and “learn by doing,” that is, exploring how to enter into the life of a congregation, understand its people and values and, ultimately, learn how to minister to the spiritual and advocacy needs of a congregation 

At the outset of the fall term, Teaching Pastors will receive a sketch of the student’s seminar topics so they are aware of the trajectory of his/her student’s learning. Teaching Pastors are also eligible to enroll in one MLTS course per year free of charge.

Teaching Mentors

A Teaching Mentor serves as a mentor for a MALS student in Community Studies. The role of a Teaching Mentor is to reflect with the student on what they are learning and how it connects with their work/ministry. The mentor will be a community leader, lay community minister or other religious professional. The biggest difference between a Teaching Mentor and a Teaching Pastor is that the student will not be serving in an internship role for the Teaching Mentor.

Teaching Pastor Benefits
Current Teaching Pastors are entitled to audit one class tuition free each year at Meadville Lombard (enrollment fees apply). For more information on this, please contact the Director of Contextual Ministry.
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