• Each congregation will be assigned a coach, who will companion them through the year
  • Your coach will serve as a mirror, a cheerleader, a thought partner, an accountability check, and a connection to the larger Among program
  • You will hold monthly accountability check-ins, with your coach and all of the members of your Among Core Team
  • You will choose several point people from the Core Team who will check in with and communicate directly with the coach
  • Together with your coach, you will make a plan for the year, which will include time to do relationship building and covenant building with your Core Team, process your learning from Within, engage some theoretical resources about change, systems, and conflict management, assess your congregation’s current practices and policies, and imagine possibilities for transformation
  • You will also consult with your coach to choose up to two areas of congregational life to focus your change work on for the duration of the year

General Theoretical Resources

  • Available to all congregations, regardless of their area of focus choices
  • Congregations engage with these materials first, to lay the foundation 
  • Including resources related to:
    • Change management
    • Systems theory
    • Conflict
    • Covenant
    • Innovative Trends in Congregational Ministry 

Focused Change Work

  • Each congregation can choose up to 2 areas of congregational life to focus on for the year
  • Areas of Congregational Life
    • Worship and Music
    • Religious Education and Faith Formation design team
    • Governance 
    • Social Justice
    • Membership and Welcoming
    • Finances and Personnel
    • Building and Grounds
    • Spirituality, Theology, and Pastoral Care expert
  • Each Area will contain: 
    • Resources, curated by UU experts, for study and reflection
    • Examples of congregations and communities doing innovative work in this area of congregational life
    • Inspirational materials, to stimulate creativity, imagination, and vision
  • The congregation’s Among Core Team can choose to split up into smaller groups to do focused work on each area

All Among Core Team members will also have access to Within Meaning Making Sessions for worship together, as well as access to Beloved Conversations Chaplains, as needed.

AMONG Phase Pricing

Our prices are on a sliding scale, based on the size of your congregation:

  • $3,000 small congregations (up to 150 members)
  • $4,500 medium congregations (151-500 members)
  • $6,000 large congregations (more than 500 members)

Alumni Congregations who have completed our previous, in-person Beloved Conversations program (2010-2020) can access a 10% discount on the total, in gratitude for your continuing support of our program!