Questions about the Within program

Q: How much time can I expect to spend on this course?

A: Each participant will spend a different amount of time on Within. This is a program for personal learning, reflection, building relationships and community, and deepening our commitments. And we are working to meet participants who are in many different phases and stages of learning and who have needs and preferences for different learning styles. Our learners' schedules, needs, and capacities vary greatly. So will the time they need or choose to spend on the course.

That being said, some estimating is possible. Each participant will be part of a Learning Pod that meets approximately every two weeks for 90 minutes. Each participant should attend one Meaning Making Session per month for approximately 90 minutes. And each participant should spend some time working their way through each of the six Lessons, which are published every two weeks. This part will vary most, as the Lessons are done at one’s own pace and the depth with which you engage them is up to each participant.

If it helps to have a number, our program designers assume one may spend an average of about 3 hours per week on this program. 

It’s important to remember that the goal of this phase of the program is personal learning and development. So each participant should prioritize the pieces of the program that they most need or that they find serving them best. Completion of every single Lesson, consumption of every resource, and interaction with every activity is not the goal nor the expectation.

We also want to remind you that the program content will be available to registered participants for a year after the start of the term. So if there is not enough time to take everything in, or if you would like to come back and review things later, everything will be available for a while.

Q: Are both Terms of Within the same? Or do they have different content?

A: Both Terms of Within have different content and therefore learners are welcome to join us for one or both Terms of the Within program. 

Gathering Our Selves (for BIPOC+ participants) runs in two cohorts—one for those who are new to the program (Gathering Our Selves I) and one for people who have completed one Term of Within (Gathering Our Selves II). The two cohorts will have opportunities to come together for worship and connection.

Un/Learning for Liberation (for white participants) runs in one cohort, regardless of folks’ previous participation in the program. Content is different in Spring than in the Fall Term, but you may begin with either term.

Q: I get the point. I’ve done this kind of learning before, why should I take Within? I’ve been doing this work for a long time, I know who I am, so why should I participate in this program? When will I be done and become anti-racist?

A: (For white folks asking these and other similar questions:) The Beloved Conversations Virtual Within: Un/Learning for Liberation program is an invitation to white folks to participate in an introspective learning model. Our work to be done in this Within phase of the program, with other white folks, is internal and is reinforced and deepened through reflective companioning with your chosen Critical Friend and small group Learning Pods. The tasks of unlearning what we have been taught all our lives about race, racism, and our own place within systems, and learning new ways of understanding the world around and within us, as well as skills for new ways of being/living, are woven together. It is the work of our lifetimes, it is our responsibility, and it is the work that is necessary to achieve collective liberation.

Together, we are exploring and activating the antidotes to white supremacy culture that were named by Tema Okun in her piece White Supremacy Culture. You can think of the form of this program as a spiral of learning, growing out from the center. With each lesson, you make a turn around the spiral and gain a deeper knowing. This is no linear or hierarchical process. There is no finishing and no being done. There is only going deeper. Each antidote and moment of understanding connects you to greater freedom. Again, and again, we spiral round.

What does this mean, in practice? We will explore more antidotes to white supremacy culture, such as faithful resistance, moving at the speed of trust, both/and thinking, and collective imagination. Each lesson will have an introductory video, a variety of resources, reflection questions for your critical friend and learning pods, and lots of ways to practice and integrate your learning. And of course, we will offer monthly Meaning Making sessions to nourish your souls.

Whether white folks are starting new or continuing the learning, this program is intended to meet you where you are and accompany you from there. Beloved Conversations expands our capacity to be in right relationship and will help us get from where we are to where we want to be.  We hope you will join us, or continue with us, on the journey.

FAQ about Tech

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Q: How can I find my course?

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Q: How can I edit my profile?

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Still have more questions?

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During the Within registration period and at the start of each term, the volume of inquiries increases significantly. We do our best trying to respond as quickly as possible, but it might take longer than usual. We appreciate your patience!

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