The Among Phase maintains a focus on spiritual growth and development. It is likely that some Within participants from your congregation will be poised for the congregational systems change of Among, and others may be more inclined to continue the personal learning and relationship building centered in the Within Phase. 

As you explore who might participate on your Among Core Team, keep this dynamic in mind, particularly for BIPOC+ participants, among others, and the multiple perspectives they may hold. Congregational systemic change work may be a passion for some BIPOC members of your congregation and not of interest to others (or not where they want to put their personal energy). Do not assume that BIPOC Within alums (or any BIPOC members of your congregation) will want to participate on the Among Core Team just because it is focused on anti-racism work. It’s important to check in and trust people to know what they need to do.

Beloved Conversations will offer free registration in our Within Phase Gathering Our Selves program to BIPOC+ congregants in the Among congregation, as a form of support and community building.