We look forward to welcoming you into Meadville Lombard’s Master of Arts (Religion) degree program. In order to apply, prospective students must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.*

Application Requirements

  • A completed admissions application form (click the button above to start the full application)
  • A resume or CV
  • Two personal essays and two short answer questions to the following prompts:
    • Essay 1: Research Interests: What research questions are you interested in pursuing and why? Please limit yourself to no more than 3 research interests. (750–1000 words)
    • Essay 2: Influences: What are the various influences that have been important in your religious, personal, and intellectual development? (750–1000 words) 
    • Short Answer 1: Interdisciplinary Approach: Meadville Lombard’s Master of Arts in Religion enables students to seek an interdisciplinary approach to theological reflection, religious education, and ethical action. How will this interdisciplinary approach guide your theological and ethical questions? (300–500 words)
    • Short Answer 2: Hybrid Approach: Our low residency model offers a hybrid approach where students can study and serve in their own communities and engage in high-intensity coursework on campus several times a year. What do you see as the benefits of this approach for your academic and professional career? (300–500 words)
  • Official transcripts of all post-high school, degree-granting academic work (We accept unofficial transcripts added directly to the application. We require official transcripts before you begin your program.)
  • Two letters of reference (sent to the Meadville Lombard Admissions Office) from:
    • At least one from your minister, or recognized religious or organizational leader
    • A layperson who can speak to your professional, congregational and/or community work
    • An academic or career professional who can attest to your ability to satisfactorily complete graduate-level work
  • A non-refundable application fee

An on-campus interview is not required; however, a member of the admissions committee may request one.

Meadville Lombard utilizes a rolling admissions model. All applications are reviewed in chronological order according to the date they were completed, and applicants are notified of their acceptance status via email as soon as possible.

*Note: Accredited institutions are those recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or holding membership in the Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada. Prospective students may alternately hold a documented, educational equivalent of a bachelor’s degree from courses taken at an accredited institution. Exceptions to this policy may be allowed, depending on circumstances. Contact the Admissions Office with questions or to discuss your situation.