The Fahs Fellows
The Fahs Fellows 2013 Presentations
The Fahs Fellows are global thinkers and curriculum innovators in faith development with an important message to share. Fellows are intentionally selected with an eye toward insight and innovation, serving both as “public intellectuals” who speak on issues that are pressing within the profession of religious education, yet also offering pedagogical strategies that have potential to breathe fresh air into how we teach, learn, and grow.

The inaugural cohort of Fellows focused on three areas of great need within the world of faith formation: technology, multi-generational faith formation, and spiritual practices that voice cultural and theological diversity. The 2013 Fellows first presented their work at the Liberal Religious Educators Association Fall Conference, later recording their "Fahs Talks" at Meadville Lombard Theological School. We are delighted to share their innovations with you!

Karen Bellavance-Grace, Fellow for Innovation in Multigenerational Faith Formation
Karen's Full Week Faith Website contains many resources discussed in her presentation.

Kat Liu, Fellow for Innovation in Spiritual Practices

Kat's liturgical calendar, story library, and other resources can be found at


Phil Lund, Fellow for Innovation in Technology