The Fahs Fellows
Who are the Fahs Fellows?
The Fahs Fellows are educational entrepreneurs in the field of religious education who research and propose innovative solutions to challenges to faith formation and practices within religious education. Fellows receive a stipend, funds to support their research project, and are expected to make formal presentations about lessons at conferences and through social media.
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The Fahs Collaborative selects fellows each year to research and develop innovations in faith development.
Fahs Collaborative Director, Dr. Mark A. Hicks, describes the program and the 2014 Fahs Fellows: 
Meet 2016 Fahs Fellows
The Fahs Collaborative is proud to announce the 2016 - 2017 cohort of Research Fellows in Faith Formation. Selected out of an impressive group of religious professionals, this cohort of Fellows begins a year-long journey into sticky-problems in faith formation that tend to befuddle liberal religious professionals. Join us in welcoming (L-R) Join us in welcoming Melissa James, director of Children and Family Ministry in San Diego, CA; David Messner, minister of our congregation in Savannah, GA; and Tracy Beck, director of Religious Education at our Des Moines, IA congregation. The fellows have begun the “silent phase” of their projects and expect to invite public participation as their projects unfold during Fall 2015.
Fahs Research Fellows Present at General Assembly 2016

Join us for the exciting presentations by the Fahs Research Fellows!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016  

Hilton Columbus Downtown, Emerson Burkhart B
3:30 p.m. refreshments
4:00 - 5:00 p.m. presentations
Presentation by 2015 Fahs Fellows: Roberta Altamari, Kevin Lowry, and Erica Shadowsong
This is a free event for professionals and laypeople. Register now!
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