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 The function of the church is to teach us how to put religious and ethical qualities into all kinds of experience.

Sophia Lyon Fahs

The Fahs Collaborative offers a catalogue of curricula and professional development resources that support learning that makes a difference for individuals and groups.   As mounting evidence is suggesting that our worn-out, traditional paths are re-creating yesterday’s problems, we respond by assembling unlikely partners to create practices that transform ordinary life experiences into something inspiriting and nurturing.  Explore our menu of learning encounters and join what Fahs called, “the good work.”  

Beloved Conversations:  Meditations on Race and Ethnicity

A small group, spiritually focused curriculum for exploring the role of race/ethnicity in individual and congregational lives.  Companion curricula are offered to consider the intersection of race and wealth; race and parenting, and race/ethnicity through the lens of the youth/young adults experience.  

Fahs Research Fellows

Educational entrepreneurs who research and propose innovative solutions to challenges in faith formation practices.  

Sophia Fahs Sunday

A resource kit for developing multi-generational faith communities through worship, music and liturgy.  

We Who Defy Hate

A practical guide to prepare for multi-faith engagement on shared social justice work.  

Creating Theology Together

Brings the faithful together to explore and engage theological commitments as a grounding for action in the world.  

Curriculum Incubator

A commissioned gathering, hosted by Fahs staff, that builds educational responses to difficult learning problems.