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Fahs Curriculum Incubators gather experienced educators to grow a seed of an idea into a full and useful learning encounter, or create new curricular strategies for solving stubborn faith formation challenges. Members of the incubator teams are invited to join projects that match their skill-set, disposition and experience of breaking social molds.

The first Curriculum Incubator was commissioned by the UU College of Social Justice who needed an educational tool to support learners steeped in US cultural norms.  The curriculum, The Social Justice Study Guide for Cross-Cultural Engagement, is designed for learners engaged in cross-cultural service learning encounters in and outside the United States and abroad. See the curriculum, UU College of Social Justice Study Guide for Cross-Cultural Engagement.

Religious workers and organizations are encouraged to engage our corps of educational theorists, problem solvers and curriculum writers.  Currently, incubators are designing:

  • Creating Theology Together supports shared congregational learning around UU Identity, theology, and community;  
  • UUA Empowerment Controversy Revisited is an experiential discussion guide for Mark Morrison-Reed’s final book that chronicles major moments regarding the presence and experience of African Americans in Unitarianism, Universalism, and Unitarian Universalism.  
  • Gathering Our Selves:  A Faith Formation Invocation for People of Color.  Building on the Fahs Lecture Dr. Hicks gave in 2011, this incubator is creating a body of spiritual exercises that supports people of color healing from the wounds of racism.   

Do you have a great idea you need help developing into a full-fledged curriculum or learning experience?   Contact the Assistant Director of the Fahs Collaborative at for more information, or to discuss details on scheduling and pricing.