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The function of the church is to teach us how to put religious and ethical qualities into all kinds of experience

Sophia Lyon Fahs

Founded as part of the curricular revolution at Meadville Lombard Theological School in 2011, The Fahs Collaborative picks up the historical mandate of the 20th century Unitarian religious educator, Sophia Lyon Fahs. Fahs believed religious systems were often more focused on upholding traditions than on helping people learn how to live faithful lives. Today, The Collaborative supports religious workers who want to put religious and ethical qualities into every aspect of their social and justice-making lives.

As an experiential laboratory for educational practice, The Collaborative brings unlikely actors and new ideas together, developing resources and practices that shake off outmoded ideas and practices, honors all forms of diversity, and strengthens communities with the resiliency that necessary to meet the needs of today’s world.  We accomplish this by:

  • Creating educational strategies that weave the aims of faith formation into every day life;
  • Promoting research, scholarship, professional development and community-building practices that reimagine obstacles into possibilities, and subvert business-as-usual outcomes;
  • Developing new ways to negotiate culturally and theologically diverse relationships;
  • Creating intentional and evocative learning spaces that promote the highest ideals of collaboration, cultural inclusion, theological inclusiveness and emotional literacy.