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Meet the Fahs Collaborative

Heart by Quinn BordmanThe Fahs Collaborative is an exciting laboratory that brings people together to explore and create innovative ways to deepen faith through educational encounters.  Using insight and tools from community organizing, social media, and transformative education, the Collaborative hosts people like you – change agents – who want to transform ordinary life experiences into something remarkable, evocative, inspiring, nurturing and community-building. We do this through acts of curriculum development and innovation, coaching, convening, dialogue and sharing wisdom and strategies. 

Nested in the inclusive and welcoming values of Unitarian Universalism, we warmly invite participation from anyone engaged in the process of “growing souls.”  Come deepen your faith, strengthen relationships, and create resources, ideas and practices that have potential to changes lives and the world.

Learn more about our mission here.

Fahs Programs

The Fahs Collaborative was relaunched to forge pathways in faith formation that spark the human spirit. Four exciting programs help us fulfill our mission. Each of these programs are intended to model the potential of a laboratory for educators invested in encouraging deeper faith coupled with social action.

  • The Fahs Fellows are educational entrepreneurs in the field of religious education who research and propose innovative solutions to challenges to faith formation and practices within religious education. Fellows receive a stipend, funds to support their research project, and are expected to make formal presentations about lessons at conferences and through social media. Learn more about Fahs Fellows here.

  • The Curriculum Incubator connects wise and gifted educators gathered in service of either growing a seed of an idea into a full and useful product, or creating new curricular strategies to stubborn or difficult learning problems. Incubator #1 is a curriculum that supports the faith development of participants who go on service-learning trips with the UU College of Social Justice. Learn more about The Curriculum Incubator here.