By the end of the Within program, you will be more clear about your own racial identity and personal and cultural history, you will have new skills for connection within and outside of the program, and you will have a deeper understanding of your own relationship to racial justice practices.

This curriculum offers tools and strategies to continue to deepen your learning and your commitment to racial justice after the program is over.

The Within phase will better prepare you to engage in the next phases, Among and Beyond, where we will examine how race, racism, and white supremacy impact the systems of our congregations and communities and work together to shift them towards liberation. While the personal work that is the focus of Within is an essential precursor to systemic work, it is also a worthy and needed focus in its own right, and should not be seen only as a means to an end.

The aim of Beloved Conversations is to underline that racial justice work (and the self-understanding and personal work that are essential to it) is the work of our lifetime, and we engage it in different ways. There is no deadline; everyone has work to do and we will all have different learning goals and outcomes. And the learning is never done- it only shifts and changes over time.