Spring 2021 registration: February 1-26, 2021


Welcome to Beloved Conversations Virtual!

Beloved Conversations—the signature offering of The Fahs Collaborative at Meadville Lombard Theological School—is a program for Unitarian Universalists seeking to embody racial justice as a spiritual practice. In Beloved Conversations, we are here to heal the impact of racism on our lives, in order to get free together. 

We are proud that our traditional, in-person version of Beloved Conversations has been offered in more than 250 congregations across the continent over the past decade and are grateful that so many communities have made our program a part of their faith formation and social justice work. We have always hoped to expand our program out further and to create an online version, for increased accessibility, and to include folks for whom our in-person program was not a good fit. In that spirit...

The Fahs Collaborative is thrilled to bring you the newest version of our curriculum: Beloved Conversations Virtual!

Designed and intended for online participation, with many updated and improved new features, this curriculum offers:

  • A digital format that allows users to participate as individuals, which will then prepare them to do congregational and community-level systemic work  
  • An opportunity to engage in lots of different styles of learning and processing  
  • Teaching and learning strategies and small group structures organized by racial/ethnic affiliation (often called "caucuses"), allowing for differentiated learning for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) as well as for white people  
  • Explicit resources developed to meet the intellectual, historical, and spiritual needs of Unitarian Universalists of Color living in a world (and a religious community) that privileges white cultural norms  
  • Separate learning spaces for religious professionals and laypeople  
  • A framework that acknowledges and honors the spiritual nature of this work and an understanding that it is essential to our personal and religious development