A program requirement is having experienced Spiritual Direction for at least 6 months.

How has spiritual direction been transformational in your life? Let’s start there. If you struggle to find response(s) to that question, then this probably isn’t the time yet.

Next notice if/how people approach you with faith-filled struggles and big life questions.  Do people seek you out? Are you known for your calm, open presence?

What is your forming “why?” that is rising to meet this vocational call? 

Consider this path if you…  

  • have been transformed by Spiritual Direction yourself and feel called by others to accompany them in their own vulnerable searching. 
  • are known and called upon by your peers to accompany them in times of transition and struggle in faith.
  • want to use Spiritual Direction components for congregational faith formation to cultivate your religious community’s spiritual maturity, spiritual courage, and spiritual imagination.
  • have your own imagination of how to build a creative vocation or bi-vocation.