Spiritual Direction is an ancient technology of deeply being with people as they attempt to grow their relationship with the God of their understanding and their personal spirituality. It is a process of deep listening, reflection, and discernment, typically guided by a trained spiritual director who creates a hospitable and confidential space for an individual or small group to explore their beliefs, values, spiritual practices and to notice and savor how God is moving in their life.

Spiritual Direction exists in Christianity, Judaism, Sufism, and other traditions, and is especially sympatico with Unitarian Universalists because we live in the questions and multiple ways of knowing and being. UU Spiritual Directors support individuals and small groups in exploring their own unique spiritual path, whatever that maybe, without judgment or pressure to conform to any particular dogma or doctrine. Because Unitarian Universalist Sources draw on the main world religions and individual life experience, we are especially equipped to companion not just other Unitarian Universalists, but also the spiritual-but-not-religious and those from other faith traditions who crave the freshness of no “one right way.”

Theresa Blythe gives five reasons that UU Spiritual Directors are well-made to serve the spiritual-but-not-religious.